“Thanks so much – you know you’ve changed my life by being so supportive. I think that is spurring me on to greater challenges with this writing thing. I’m thinking of taking the summer to really sit down and get it done. You’ve brought me so far in knowing how to write and I really want to stay in that groove. My writing is only better because I have a great teacher!”

Lynda Moecker
West Hartford, CT


“I have enjoyed tremendously the 4 or 5 ‘semesters’ that I have taken with you. I always find your feedback, especially the written comments on my essays, to be extremely helpful. You have a very positive and encouraging style, yet you tell the truth (I believe) about our writing. All the criticism is done in a very supportive and constructive way and I welcome it. I feel that I have learned a great deal from you and I hope that is reflected in my writing. I may be delusional, but I fully intend to try to get a book published and it would come entirely from our work at Trinity. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement, very helpful edits, and the whole experience which your classes have offered me.”
Fred Bogin


“I loved taking your course and am amazed how much I learned in a short period of time. Don’t know if this is good or bad news for you, but I’ll be signing up for the fall!”
Heidi Lewis


I think I’ll take the time now to thank you for being the spark that got me off my duff and into this program. Sometimes an instructor has a hard time seeing the results of his work, so here I stand as a tangible example for you. I don’t mean to be mawkish, but I will never forget the help and inspiration you gave me. I probably would have procrastinated until it was too late without it. Now I’m finally writing the novel I’ve always wanted to write, and I’ll pick up a Master’s degree in the process.

Bill Slone
Cheshire, CT


“As evidenced by the fact that we want this course to go on forever (or for a long time), this was a superior course. Thanks for allowing me to participate in one of the best classes I have ever taken. Hank, you are a gem!

Rosalba Blaszyk, Glastonbury, CT


“Hank’s feedback and critiquing is extremely detailed and helpful. His handouts are interesting and well thought out. He obviously puts a lot of effort into planning his class and critiquing students’ work. This is the second class I’ve taken at Norwalk Community College and it won’t be the last. I can honestly say that he’s the best writing instructor I’ve ever had.”
Terri Schmidt
Stamford, CT


“The class was near perfect. Like your columns, it was informative, focused, and exciting, with humor and heart. I can’t think of anything I would do to make it better, except more of the same. You do a fantastic job and more university teaching should be one of your goals.

Allan Schiffer
West Hartford, CT


“Thanks for a terrific course.”

Joanne Buehler
Marion, CT


“The most helpful part of the course was your written comments on our pieces. I was surprised and very happy with th amount of time you clearly took with each of our drafts, rather than leaving the bulk of it to peer editing, which a lot of other courses do in the first draft round. The comments you wrote on our columns were substantive and very helpful. Also, talking about your writing process — the “throw-down” — and really insisting people try it (many are resistant at first) was helpful.

Erin McNamee
West Hartford, CT


“I would take another of your courses in a heartbeat. I have been eagerly advertising your genius and will continue to do so.”
Pamela Hunnisett
Hartford, CT


“Thank you so much for these past six sessions. Even my shrink says I’m a new person. I’m starting to find me! It’s been fun. It’s been educational. And, it’s been very inspirational. I would sign up without hesitation to attend any other classes you might teach at Trinity or any other facility.”
Mimi Greenberg
Simsbury, CT


“When I write I hear your positive comments in my head and think, ‘Hank will like that sentence.’ Thanks for a great class.”

Lee Paull


“I absolutely love Hank Herman’s Memoir class and want to attend again in the Fall. Please hold a spot for me!

Audrey Carlson
Newington, CT


“I would give your course an “A.” I found the most helpful and instructive aspect of the course to be your critiques, both written and spoken. When I work on something for awhile, I can’t even see it and I absolutely need other readers, and not “yes” people, for revising.”

Suzanne Hard
Avon, CT


“Your course was awesome! This was the first time I found my “voice” as a writer. You have gifts for offering critiques, for listening, and obviously for writing.”

Karin Hamilton
Old Lyme, CT

“I would like to take future classes that you teach, whether in memoir, column writing, or writing the great American novel. I really enjoyed the class last fall.”
Sheila Huddleston
West Hartford, CT


“I’ll just say up-front it was one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve taken on any subject. Your enthusiasm and ability to offer criticism without making the student feel like a failure are rare traits.”

Bob Weisel
Simsbury, CT


“I would gladly sign up for another Hank Herman class.”

Polly Tafrate
South Salem, NY


“I love your critiques. They’re right on.”

Alida Albert
Stamford, CT


“I can imagine it’s a difficult job to edit someone’s work, especially if it’s of a very personal nature. Hank was always respectful and gentle in his approach to the work. He was full of great information and brought amazing feedback to class. Great, great tips that I’ll keep on using.”

Heather Smith
Norwalk, CT


“I’m enjoying your class very much. I like your teaching style and the expertise you guide us with.

Barbara Enright
Norwalk, CT


“I am going to try and take more of your classes because you are a fabulous instructor.”

Lauren Defoe
Westport, CT


“A bunch of us were brought together in a Memoir Writing class at Trinity College. Hank Herman teaches this class and he is the inspiration behind the creation of this blog.”

Niketa Patel
Farmington, CT


“Your editing and comments have been most helpful. You have helped me to develop my own style.”

Walter Borden
Bloomfield, CT


“I found many parts of this course extremely helpful and instructive. After graduating college in May, I tried so hard to keep up with my writing, but found that I got busy with other things. This course allowed me to get back in the swing of things. You’ve inspired me to continue to do what I love. I learned so much from you and our class.”

Lisa D’Aprile
Wethersfield, CT


“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the course. It was fun, stimulating, challenging, and I learned a lot.”

Susan Goldfein
Westport, CT


“This course helped me immensely and I’ll never forget it.”
John Mango
Hebron, CT


“Your class was really good — all aspects of it. The information was consistently useful. The writing tools were simple and useful. You’ve reduced the process to simple steps that are very useful guides to creating quality columns efficiently. Your editing is great — both what you see and how you collaborate with the author. Best of all is your manner. You’re accessible, you run the class as a group of colleagues (as opposed to teacher and student), and you’re somehow simultaneously laid-back and serious about your work and ours.

Mark Korber
Glastonbury, CT


“I really value your feedback because you actually write for a living, as opposed to talking about writing. And since you were an editor for 20 years, you know what is expected of a writer.

Christine Van Drasek
West Hartford, CT


“Your editorial comments were superb. Very helpful.”

Hrissi Haldezos
Wethersfield, CT


“I was reviewing the pieces I wrote for the class and it occurred to me that you probably labored as much in reviewing my submissions as I did in writing them. You did a terrific job.”

Gil Ghitelman
Fairfield, CT


“Thanks for an excellent class. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn about writing from you and the group. My compliments on your teaching and how you organized the course.
Paul Epstein
Westport, CT


“I received the evaluations of your course and rejoice over them. My congratulations to you for its fine success. It will definitely be scheduled again.”

Prof. Michael Camp
Founder, Academy of Lifelong Learning
Trinity College, Hartford, CT


“You have become a very important member of our Academy family, and we are, indeed, grateful for all your contributions to our program.
Prof. John Gettier
Academy of Lifelong Learning
Trinity College, Hartford, CT


“It has been an honor to have you as one of our instructors. Your class was the first to request an extension! They were so filled with enthusiasm that it was a delight to have them here. I know this is only the beginning of our relationship here at the Academy.”

Sherry Affleck
Academy of Lifelong Learning
Trinity College, Hartford, CT


“Hank Herman is a great asset to high school seniors working on their college essays. He is a college professor who teaches writing, an author, plus someone who has studied the college admissions process carefully in his book, Accept My Kid, Please! Students enjoy working with Hank because he values their ideas and makes sure that their essays capture their own voices and are unique, which is important to college admission officers. These days with so many students with the same grades and standardized test scores, essays become an important “tie-breaker” for admission decisions.”

Amy Schafrann
College Strategy Horizons


“I’m so pleased you’ll keep our program in your thinking for the future. You know and enjoy your craft. You pay attention to the details. And, you’re excited about what you are doing. There are going to be some lucky people who get to participate in your classes in the years ahead.”
Dr. Glenn Hightower, Principal
Westport Continuing Education