Accept My Kid, Please!


“It’s a must-read for every college counselor, teacher, administrator, and parent.  It is a riot.”

Sari A., Miami Beach FL


“Having at long last seen our child pass through commencement, reading your wonderful prose brought back migraines, laughs, and astonishment that somehow we all survived the rigors of the admissions process.

James J., Hartford CT


“I loved the book and read it straight through last night after dinner, laughing and nodding and screaming out lines to my husband throughout!  Every line was recognizable . . .”

Cathy L., Lexington, KY


“I could not stop laughing, and [Accept My Kid, Please!] certainly brought back a ton of memories.  In fact, I’m headed to my parents house and can’t wait to dig up my own ‘athletic scrapbook’ my father put together for countless uninterested college coaches.”

Brendan K., Danbury, CT


“The book is hilarious and wonderful!  With both girls safely ensconced in college I could take in all of the humor and none of the “hives.”  Dave Barry, move over!”

Diane F., Westport CT


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“I was laughing out loud so hard on the subway today that the people sitting on either side of me moved.  Thank you so much for getting me to laugh through this process.  Bravo, Hank!”

Linda M., New York, NY


Accept My Kid, Please! provided some much-needed laughter while my daughter and I tried to figure out “What’s your favorite word and why” in 1,500 characters lor less.  I’m about to tear my hair out, but I’m glad I read the book in its entirety because the ending was a happy one.  Gave us hope!”

Jeri F., Armonk, NY


“I just picked up your book on college admissions and I read it last night and could not stop laughing.  It was hilarious!”

Beth C., Westport, CT



Marked Man and Other Stories


“My name is Eddie and I’m nine years old.  I’m in fourth grade.  My favorite sport is soccer and that’s why I wanted to read your book.  I like the story because I have the same sort of problems the characters have.  You are a great writer.”

Eddie S., Massapequa Park, NY


“We went to a sports camp this summer, so [Marked Man] was perfect to read!”

Meghan and Kendra L., Ridgefield, CT


“I really enjoyed Marked Man.  The stories were nicely eerie and spooky, and they end with a cool, echoing uneasiness that lingers long after the book is closed.”

Gene H., San Francisco, CA


Marked Man is sure to be a hit in our library, since soccer is such a popular sport with our readers.  These stories appeal to both boys and girls.  Good sports books are always welcome!”

Rita H., Bedford Middle School Media Specialist, Westport, CT


Super Hoops 


“I am seven years old.  I am reading the series Super Hoops.  How many books are you going to write.  Your books are awesome.  You should do something like making Dave wear his shirt backwards.  But I still like the boxers thing.  Keep writing sports books.”

Louis T., Chicago, IL


“I’m writing you a letter to tell you how much I like your books.  My favorite book was Foul!  The part I liked the best was when Mark came in from the bench and made three three-pointers.  Thanks for writing cool books.”

Logan B., Mondovi, WI


“I am Luke and wanted to know how you came up with the idea for Crashing the Boards?  My favorite character is Will “Too Tall” Hopwood.  My favorite part is when they’re choosing teams and one of them has to go on Otto’s team.  That would stink!  Did this happen in real life?  Your book is one of my favorite books.”

Luke P., Leawood, KS


“My name is Ryan Bennett and I am eight years old.  I moved to Monroe, CT from Maryland.  My mom bought me two of your books.  I really liked Crashing the Boards and In Your Face.  I really like playing basketball.  Thank you for writing these books.”

Ryan B., Monroe, CT